Join Kimberley Nature Park members for annual Larch hike this Sunday

Join Kimberley Nature Park members for annual Larch hike this Sunday

The Kimberley Nature Park Society invites you to join them on the annual Golden Larch Hike on Sunday, October 20, with two hiking options.

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You can choose to meet at the Nordic Centre at 9 a.m. for a mainly flat ten kilometre round trip lasting about four hours. Or you can meet at the Riverside Campground parking area on St. Mary road, then a moderate four kilometre round trip for approximately three hours. Both parties will meet at Dipper Lake where you can walk across the grasses and sedges on the receding lake, watch for any water fowl that have not yet migrated, and explore a clonal-colony of trembling aspen. You can then decide which way to walk out. The Nature park Society hikes are suitable for all sturdy walkers.

There are two Larch species in this area, and the Alpine or Lyle’s Larch p at the higher elevations have almost finished showing off their brilliant golden shade on their twisted branches. They are already covered with a dusting of snow. down in the lower valleys where we live, we are surrounded by the tall, stately Western Larch and at this time of year they are at their golden best, interspersed with the different green shades of the pines and firs. the various willows, aspens and shrubs add to the colour mix with their yellow and red fall hues. Both of our Larch species shed their colourful needles in the fall and leave us with a golden carpet to hike on before the frost arrives. This year’s early frost, as in 2009, has frozen many of the deciduous leaves in place so their colours may not be as brilliant as usual.

Join us at 9 am. at one of our starting points for this last chance to catch the course on a hike to Dipper Lake before the wind and frost strips the needles and leaves for another year. Come prepared to enjoy the outdoors with suitable clothing and footwear for the weather, and your refreshment snacks. If you bring a dog, please ensure that it stays under control and does not bother other hikers who would rather not hike with dogs.

For information call Struan Robertson at 250-427-5048. always popular end of season outings, these hikes offer brisk outdoor exercise with friends before the cooler weather sets in.