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Kimberley Nordic Club presents draft management plan upgrade

The Kimberley Nordic Club has presented its draft revised management plan to city council.
Jackrabbit skiers take a lesson in front of the lodge at Kimberley Nordic Club. Dan Clark photo

The Kimberley Nordic Club has presented its draft revised management plan to city council.

In it, they sum up their assets, their successes — they are now the third largest Nordic club in BC, fourth in Canada — and where they feel they need to improve their infrastructure.

KNC has complete a review of future developments and created a short and long-term facilities plan.

In the short term, KNC is looking at changes to the trails in the stadium area, and building a wax testing hill.

And in the long-term, there re several projects suggested.

● A long-term strategic plan and comprehensive development of trails in the western portion of the licensed area, built in collaboration with the KTS around their Magic Line mountain bike trail. The trail expansion would include eight km of trails in the highest terrain within the land parcel.

● The development of snowmaking facilities in the Spruce and Meadow area to enhance early season ski opportunities at KNC. KNC will work with the City to review and resolve any water supply concerns as well as on-site and downstream drainage concerns.

● Paving the 3km and 6km main loops to increase the accessibility of the trail system for a wide variety of trail users including summer roller skiing programs and events.

● Extending the trail lighting to the southern end of the trail system.

In a separate section the draft plan deals with the main problem facing the Nordic Club in terms of access — parking.

In both winter and summer, use of the Nordic Trails is increasing, while parking area has not, and the club has been working with the city on how to provide more parking spaces.

They have provided both short-term and long-term ideas in the plan. Short-term

● Expand the parking lot 10 m south into the stadium including stormwater culvert extensions to address drainage issues.

● Expand the current parking lot into the bank to the west. KNC is undertaking a geotechnical report to identify any slope stability issues and strategies to mitigate any concerns. The scope of work would include excavations, stabilising the slope, and possibly paving the parking lot to decrease issues with dust and improve snow clearing operations. Long-term

● Review potential development of an overflow parking lot in the NW corner of the City-owned parcel at 800 Gerry Sorensen Way. This 15 hectare parcel is designated in the Official Community Plan for future residential and recreational development. A small, perhaps up to a 0.5 hectare, portion of this parcel could be considered for overflow parking and potentially accessed via Deer Run Drive or a new development access from Gerry Sorensen Way. KNC will work to determine an approvable plan and, if approved by the City, KNC will seek funding for the design and construction costs of this overflow parking lot.

KNC is also looking at potential expansion of the lodge, incremental improvements to the biathlon facilities, improved trail signs and an expanded garage to store grooming equipment.

They will also work with the Kimberley Trails Society to develop any summer trail use plans as the Nordic Trails connect directly to much of Kimberley’s trail system.

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