Kimberley RCMP says fraud calls are amping up

If it makes you leery, don’t do it

Whether it’s the coming holiday season or something else, Sgt. Steve Woodcox of the Kimberley RCMP says that his detachment is receiving an abnormal number of calls about fraud.

The calls run the gamut from relatives needing help to sales of items for which you email transfer money, but the common denominator is collecting private information and money from those who respond to them. Also be aware of emails saying you need to update by clicking an attachment — also a fraud.

“Some one called one of the old age homes saying they were from Shoppers Drug Mart and needed to update information,” Woodcox said. “There’s lots of buying and selling over the internet. If you’ve never seen the product, and never met the people you are buying from, our advice is meet in public. Sometimes the items for sale don’t even exist.”

Woodcox says that if anything about the call makes you leery, hang up. Or call police.

“I’d prefer you call us and ask before you send anything, if you’re leery, don’t do it.”

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